Our Nutrition Mission is to produce the most nutrient dense nut butters for customers interested in eating healthy foods.

Their Ingredients

Our Ingredients

Their Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Palm Oil
Our Ingredients: Sunflower seeds, Organic Flax Seed Meal, Organic Chia Seed meal, Organic Quinoa Seed meal, Organic Hemp Seed Hearts meal, Organic Safflower Oil, Organic Coconut Flower Nectar (if sweetened).

2014 Small Business of the Year – Runner-up

Nut-Tritious Foods is proud to be selected as one of the Portland Business Journals Small Businesses of the Year in 2014. We were the only food producer to win this award in 2014. Nut-Tritious Foods was recognized because of our Radical Ingredient Concept – ALL nutritious ingredients and NO unhealthy ingredients added! As we like to say – The Most Nutritious Nut Butters!


Nut-Tritious Foods – Product Demo

Ken Condliff, founder of Nut-Tritious Foods introduces the companies fresh roasted nut butters, and their Radical Ingredient Concept – ‘Start with a healthy main ingredient, and add even more nutritious ingredients’.

Nut-Tritious Foods produces the most nutritious nut & seed butter blends available to Foodies today. By blending the nut or seed with Sunflower Seeds and Organic Flax Seed meal, we include the two most nutrient dense seeds in all our nut butters blends. In the interest if being even more nutritious, all our nut butters now contain organic Quinoa, Chia Seed & Flax Seed meal.

  • Every nut butter is quick toasted to maintain the healthy qualities of the nut’s nutritional properties.
  • In addition we always COLD PROCESS so the healthy fats are not oxidized and made less healthy.
  • Selected nut butters are finished with an Agave Nectar for a superior natural sweetness.

No Palm Oils of any kind used – palm is not a significant source of nutrition – but a major source of deforestation”
Palm-Oil Devestation


Nut-Tritious Fresh Packs
Handmade fresh in small batches weekly –
Free of Glutens & Tran Fats,
Packaged in Recyclable Containers!

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As a special bonus we’ll include our favorite recipes!

What’s New?? 

♦ Nut-Tritious Foods has received another environmental excellence award!
Check out the Association of Washington Businesses press release here.
♦ A Mom Sues Nutella Maker For Deceptive Advertising
Read the Press Release here!

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