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Ken Condliff, founder of Nut-Tritious Foods introduces the companies fresh roasted nut butters, and their Radical Ingredient Concept.
‘Start with a healthy main ingredient, and add even more nutritious ingredients’.

Better Than Nuts
Because Nut Butters and Seed Butters are pre-ground, they are easier to digest than just eating whole nuts or seeds. Grinding them makes the essential fatty acids easier to obtain because you don’t have to work as hard to break them down. Most people don’t chew their food enough, so nut butters make the digestion of nuts and absorption of nutrients easier than eating nuts alone.

Agave Nectar
Agave Nectar is a wonderful natural sweetener used to gently sweeten the nut butters. Agave comes from the Agave Cactus, most famous for Tequila. While the nectar does not contain any alcohol, it is an amazing source of a form of fructose called insulin. This is responsible for the low glycemic index and low glycemic load properties of agave, which means that agave nectar doesn’t cause a blood sugar spike after consuming it. It typically raises blood sugar only small amounts, very slowly, without causing insulin to be dumped onto the blood stream, making it a safe choice for most diabetics. Agave can actually help prevent diseases like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity and weight gain by stabilizing blood sugar so that it does not get stored as fat. Agave nectar is also a great choice for children and anyone desiring healthier options and disease prevention.

Low Temperature Roasted
Roasting nuts below 170° makes them easier to digest because some of the starches are already broken down at that temperature. Roasting nuts over 170° causes a breakdown of fats and promotes oxidation and production of free radicals which lead to a build up of plaque in arteries. Roasting above 170° creates “bad fat” and are more likely to become rancid. Nut-Tritious nuts are always roasted below 170°.


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