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Nut-Tritious Foods – borne from the idea that eating nuts and seeds should be not only be nutritious – but delicious as well.

At Nut-Tritious Foods I set out to build a better, more nutritious, nut butter.

Always a fan of nuts & seeds, I observed that most nut butters were based on the same old peanuts or almonds and some form of processed sugar to make the product interesting. Ever since George Washington Carver made peanut butter popular in 1916, most peanut nut butters (technically a legume) have not evolved far from the original formulae – nuts and some form of sugar. I thought ‘nuts to that’, – dump the processed sugars (and aflatoxins – who needs them) – lets feature nut butters with nutritionally dense ingredients like sunflower seeds and organic flax seed meal!

With each bite of our fresh roasted nut butter the customer gets more nutrition than the traditional nut butter. And besides, sugars have added to our obesity and overweight epidemic – so why add more sugar to good nut butter and our obesity epidemic? Our only sweetener, when we use some, is a little organic agave nectar. Long live no cheap ingredients!

For nutritional reference we utilized research from Eat Right America and the work of Dr. Joel Furman. The top ranking nuts & seeds for nutrition density (vitamins, minerals, micro nutrients, phytochemicals) are sunflower seeds and flax seed meal. So we blend these into our nut butter as ingredients #2 and #3 respectively –and always feature the named nut or seed. The fresh roasting and grinding helps the taste as nuts & seeds are a lot like coffee – they taste best when fresh roasted and ground. This is why we always sell from the refrigerated food case – to keep that fresh roasted flavor!

Another benefit from our nut butter processing is that we COLD-PROCESS and don’t use heat to get our nut butter into the tub. Heat will oxidize the healthy fats (poly- & mono-unsaturated) and make them more like a saturated fat! Most all jar nut butters have been heat processed – you can tell by the ‘nutcrete’ in the bottom of the glass jar.

To make sure we have the very best nut butters on the market – we craft our own weekly. No large factories and no co-packers! They could never duplicate the love we put into our fresh roasted & ground nut butters! Every batch is personally crafted by our dedicated nut-heads. The same nut-heads that work our farmers markets and also do in-store demos – so we know what we are talking about. We are the foodies favorite nut butter! Just ask our addicts, er customers.

To make sure we take good care with feeding our planet, we are a Zero Waste to Consumer producer with all packaging (kitchen & consumer) being recycled or reused. Our plastic tubs are fully recyclable and BPA free. We support our local green power initiate and actively help other local food producers go to market. To do anything different we would have to be nuts!

Go Nuts!


Founder and Chief Nutty Officer

2019 Nut-Tritious Foods Nut Head line-up, from left to right:


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